FIND/47 is a photo-sharing community designed to promote
stunning scenes from Japan's most overlooked localities.

The dynamic photographs archived on this website showcase off-the-beaten-track scenes
of nature, historical buildings, regional festivals and customs, and other local subjects from across Japan.
Such subjects have been captured for years--both by professionals, as well as casual photographers
who often discover gems in their own backyards that more seasoned lensmen may overlook--
but there has never been an organized framework for distributing these pictures.
FIND/47 is a community in which anyone may reuse the photographs published on the site.
By inviting the public to browse our archives and find surprising and unexpected moments of beauty
that they can then publish in media worldwide, we hope to encourage people of all nationalities
to travel to Japan and explore even those parts of the country that rarely appear in tourist guides.
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The FIND/47 Team
FIND/47 is operated by the FIND/47 Team (the Tourism Forecast Platform Planning Committee).
To contact us, email us at the following address:

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